Saturday, 4 October 2014

Group 5 Climbing and Abseiling

Group 5 were great company and showed excellent team work on an all day climb and abseil adventure at Kingussie. Instructor, Jess, expertly built up confidence and technique throughout the day and everyone in the team encouraged each other superbly to success. We climbed on a rock next to a group of British and Oman Army soldiers who were completely fascinated by our children playing a game of commandos in the heather! Laurence continued to deserve his title of 'most observant pupil', finding egg remains, a furry caterpillar and a a puffball mushroom. Helga had called out to teammates "I love you!" to help them reach the top and it was touching to hear the whole team call out, "Helga, we love you!" to help her reach the top. Ace team!

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